Body Language Daily Text Message Service

"With an average of 55,000 thoughts per day, and as a fact, most of them being same as yesterday, the text messages are designed to change your thoughts and focus on a more positive outlook on a gradual basis to strengthen your natural ability to create new habits"


Body Language Daily Text Message Service

Body language accounts for 55 per cent of the effect we have when communicating. Tone of voice accounts for 33 per cent, and words for just 7 per cent – So what you say matters much less than how you behave.

Wouldn’t it be great to instantly know if someone is lying to you or to know if someone is attracted to you?

This service is a 30 day programme to teach how to read body language in others and how to project the correct body language yourself in order to get what you want from a given situation. Each day you will learn something different to practise during that day to master and use with confidence when communicating with others.

Sample Text’s

“Palms slightly up & outward is seen as open & friendly. Palms down are generally seen as dominant & possibly aggressive, especially when there's no movement”

“Key TIP. Start by aligning your body language, listen to the pace and tone of their voice and try to match the speech pattern. Mirror the persons breathing”


Tips & Advice.

We are dedicated to coaching you in the quickest way possible to success and enlightenment. Please take time to read our tips and advice section, as many of the experienced Mentors and Coaches that have provided input into this service have found these routes very successful for their own use, and whilst working with clients as more often than not the fastest way to achieving change.

















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