Daily Parenting Text Service For Building Children Self Esteem

"With an average of 55,000 thoughts per day, and as a fact, most of them being same as yesterday, the text messages are designed to change your thoughts and focus on a more positive outlook on a gradual basis to strengthen your natural ability to create new habits"

Daily Parenting Text Service For Building Children Self Esteem

As parents we are all aware of how important Self Esteem is not just for ourselves, but for our children also. Increase self-confidence and self worth leads to not just a better more empowering outlook but in increase in ability to handle challenges whilst growing up. This text message service will provide you with information to work on given more support as a parent and guiding your child to take pride in their accomplishments, handle positive and negative emotions and handle peer pressure appropriately.

Sample texts

“Encourage & Build confidence. Say, "I know you can do it." Tell them, "You worked really hard on that." Avoid criticism. Don't compare one child to another”

“Be consistent. Don't be permissive one moment & strict the next. Rules should apply to everyone, even you. Make promises only when you're sure you can keep them”


Tips & Advice.

We are dedicated to coaching you in the quickest way possible to success and enlightenment. Please take time to read our tips and advice section, as many of the experienced Mentors and Coaches that have provided input into this service have found these routes very successful for their own use, and whilst working with clients as more often than not the fastest way to achieving change.


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