Teen 'Exam' Stress Buster Daily Text Message Service





"With an average of 55,000 thoughts per day, and as a fact, most of them being same as yesterday, the text messages are designed to change your thoughts and focus on a more positive outlook on a gradual basis to strengthen your natural ability to create new habits"



Teenagers ‘Exam’ Stress Busters Daily Text Message Service

This service is a 30 day programme designed to be used around exam periods or potential stressful times in education. The daily alerts are designed specifically to be fun and inspirational whilst learning how to be calm and positive through any challenging times. The programme comprises of revising tips, Inspirational quotes, healthy mind & body with key affirmations to aid in producing a positive outlook.

Sample Text’s

“Be prepared for what you have to do. Don't try to do everything at once. Think about how you've got through everything in the past. Seek help from others”

“Physiology plays a key part with your brain. If your shoulders are down, you can 'feel' down. Keep your back straight, head up and smile like you've gone crazy”

For additional learning it is good to write down the wording in each text message in a personal development journal.
Our subconscious mind takes in 50% more if we write it down. And, if you listen to some fun and enjoyable music whilst practising some of the tips and advise in each text at home, you will increase this in your ‘memory bank’ to a possible 90%.

Read up on our section on visualisations and Affirmations. Practise visualisations and see yourself getting the results that you want from your exams. Affirmations have an amazing way of bringing what you want into your life. Although this is only created with energy, so enjoy the process, let yourself go and watch what happens. Try, you can say to yourself ‘I am stressed’ and you’ll feel the symptoms of stress, equally if you say outloud with certainty ‘I am happy and I am calm’ you will feel this also. The more you repeat it the better it will work. Best times are also early in the morning and last thing at night, which will set you up for a great day or a great nights sleep.



Tips & Advice.

We are dedicated to coaching you in the quickest way possible to success and enlightenment. Please take time to read our tips and advice section, as many of the experienced Mentors and Coaches that have provided input into this service have found these routes very successful for their own use, and whilst working with clients as more often than not the fastest way to achieving change.


 Medical Disclaimer
The information on this web site and text service is for general informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for a medical evaluation. If you feel that medical interventions are necessary, please check with your physician.

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